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Delivering TV with no buffering, no delays and no glitches

Edgeware builds hardware and software systems that deliver TV content over IP networks. Our unique technology delivers TV at huge scale, gives a unique insight into viewing behavior and delivers TV with an outstanding viewing experience.

When viewers were all happy to watch the same program at the same time, that show only had to be sent over the data network once. Every viewer ‘tuned-in’ to the same data stream. But now you want to watch any show whenever you want to – to pause it, to rewind it, to watch it on your different devices and to be presented with ads tailored for you. This means that each viewer needs their own individual TV data stream. This would take up huge amounts of expensive network capacity, causing congestion and buffering. Fortunately, Edgeware solves this problem.

Our technology automatically keeps a copy of the most popular TV shows close to the viewer. The copy only needs to be sent out once – but can be played many times over as other viewers in the same area want to watch it. So now, most of the TV you watch only needs to be streamed to you from your local Edgeware system – not across the whole network.

Our system can also insert personalized ads, pause live TV, and stream the TV show in the right format for all of the different devices you use – without the need to go back to the source and fetch lots of different versions. Of course this saves huge amounts of network costs. But more importantly, it also delivers TV with no buffering, delays or glitches – delivering an amazing TV experience.

Edgeware was founded in 2004, and is headquartered in central Stockholm, with offices in Mexico and Hong Kong and a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary based in Naperville, IL. We now serve more than 100 customers in over 50 countries in all parts of the world.


We work with local and global providers of on-demand video and TV solutions. Our partners have the technology partnerships, integration skills and global coverage to build TV delivery networks in any region or country.

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We have built more tv content delivery networks

than anyone else

Building the future with TV CDN – We needed revolutionary thinking. Instead of big, grindingly slow data centers sending your valuable content lumbering across operator networks we think you should seize control with us. Together, we can make TV amazing again.


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