Convoy VDN

  • Ability to upgrade existing Edgeware installations
  • Lower priced Basic Version for a single content provider i.e. service provider’s own
    multi-screen service
  • Multi-service Advanced Version
    for a full wholesale CDN.
  • Combined Web/IPTV operation
  • Highly distributed architecture
    resulting in a small management server overhead – Edgeware delivery servers manage:
    – Statistics aggregation
    – Load balancing
    – Popularity measurements
  • nPVR / Catch-up TV Option for all HTTP adaptive protocols and IPTV multicast streams
  • In-depth realtime and historic analytics including
    – Quality profiles
    – Engagement per asset
    – Network utilisation
  • Convoy Management Software

    The Convoy Management Software provides one of the two main elements to Edgeware´s Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) Solution. Convoy allows an operator to manage a retail based video delivery network across any network topology, provide advanced video services such as nPVR, and also to offer a wholesale video delivery capability to content providers.

    Key Features:

    • Distributed content propagation, load balancing and fail-over → Robust and highly scalable system design
    • Efficient use of network resources through fully automated popularity based content propagation
    • Integration of wholesale CDN management and video delivery systems allows analysis and management of video stream quality in complex HTTP adaptive streaming environments
    • Distributed Edgeware video server appliances provide pre-processed log and statistics information for efficient and highly scalable reporting
    • Session setup through stateless request router, allows for easy scalability and high availability operation through the use of multiple servers
    • Integration with third-party content management systems and business intelligence systems through powerful APIs
    • Support for nPVR and time shift TV services through Account API