Orbit 3020 Video Server

  • Purpose built design means simple operation and 20 Gbps sustained transmission performance
  • Up to 32,000 concurrent streams / 1U
  • Up to 24TB storage in rapidly accessible, non-volatile flash memory
  • Just 85W power consumption when fully configured, at 20 Gbps/24 TB)
  • Support for advanced linear TV functions such as fast channel change and retransmission to ensure high QoE
  • Single asset, multi-speed trick play support (FWD/RWD)
  • Specifications, form factor and packaging for the most demanding network applications and environments
  • Autonomous asset propagation with centralized management and full reporting of viewing statistics allows deployment as an integral part of a wholesale CDN offering
  • Guaranteed performance even with massive packet loss in the network
  • Orbit 3020 Video Server Platform

    If you are a network provider looking to dramatically increase the profitability of your services by offering:

    • retail video and on-demand TV services to subscribers
    • wholesale (Content Delivery Networks or CDN) services to content providers
    • a unique and unsurpassed Quality of Experienc (QoE) to your viewers

    Then Edgeware´s Orbit 3020 Distributed Video Server platform provides the keystone of your solution.

    As an integral part of Edgeware’s Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) solution, Edgeware´s Orbit 3020 video server offers advanced capabilities for both retail and wholesale video and TV services across an operator´s network, irrespective of topology and core network bandwidth. The Orbit 3020 is the third generation of a range of video servers purpose designed to build highly distributed delivery architectures, with minimal power consumption, small 1U half rack form factor and integrated Convoy asset propagation, session and fault tolerance management.

    The servers can equally effectively be used in a centralized environment, dramatically increasing streaming capacity in a data center while reducing costs of power and cooling per stream by up to 90%.