Solutions for Telco operators

Solutions for Telco Operators

In order to remain competitive against the onslaught of competitive services, take advantage of their existing infrastructure and bring new revenue generating services to their subscribers, forward looking telco operators have been expanding their IP based backbone networks and various first mile technologies. Edgeware allows cable operators to take the next logical step in this evolution. By deploying a distributed video delivery system based on purpose built server appliances that can be distributed and colocated with the DSLAMs and fiber switches at the edge of the network, a telco operator can build a resilient, flexible and powerful on-demand time-shift TV and video service that offers superior quality of experience far above that available through OTT video services.

This provides the opportunity to expand services and revenue opportunities in 3 main ways:

  • Increased service revenues from existing subscribers through high QoE on demand TV and video
  • Expansion of operators own services to a multiscreen offering to increase subscriber and devices per household
  • Access new revenue from content providers by providing content delivery network services across the operators own network.

By distributing the video delivery system as close to the subscriber as is practical, a telco operator can monetize the advantage of first mile connection to the subscriber by offering solutions for fast channel change, retransmission on top of a sophisticated range of asset management, propagation and resiliency options to deliver unsurpassed quality of experience. This infrastructure can then also be further monetized by offering content delivery (CDN) services to content providers in order to provide the subscribers with reliable, flexible high quality viewing experience across their whole range of possible viewing devices.