QoE Solutions

Quality of Experience (QoE)

QoE is key to the delivery and profitability of a video based service, and content distribution is key to QoE. Distributing the caching and streaming of video content in the network enables higher and more deterministic video quality by removing network congestion and reducing round-trip delays.

Edgeware´s Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) technology, architecture and products can help to solve some of the most difficult and complex problems of high quality video and tv delivery across any network topology, whether it is a TV through a set top box service in a managed IPTV network or delivering to a wide variety of devices in a multiscreen over the top (OTT) environment. The Edgeware D-VDN offers efficient solutions to a range of QoE related issues, including Quality Assurance in adaptive streaming environments, Fast Channel Change, and Retransmission.

QoE measurement and assurance – The Edgeware servers can use their unique ‘video awareness’ and proximity to the client to address the complex issues associated with measuring QoE in a session-less adaptive streaming environment, which is key to assuring wholesale monetization. Read More »

Fast Channel Change – With the advent of IPTV, user experience has taken a step back with channel change times potentially measured in multiple seconds. Edgeware´s fast channel change solutions reduce the channel change time down to the generally accepted sub second level. Read More »

Retransmission – Allows the operator to reach a much broader range of subscribers and to improve QoE for users accessing video and tv services over unreliable or quality of service limited network connections. Read More »