10 compelling reasons why Edgeware’s StreamPilot is essential for your multi CDN strategy for video

Multi CDN Strategy - 10 reasons to consider Edgeware StreamPilot

Want to optimize QoE and reduce audience loss? Want to monitor stream-delivery metrics and take required actions immediately to fix performance quality problems? If yes, you should look at Edgeware’s StreamPilot. It will help you measure, manage and control the delivery of your video streams leveraging the multi CDN performance capabilities you have (or plan to) invest in.

StreamPilot enables you to optimize your video streams to get the best possible quality of experience (QoE) for your audience, and it does this with an order of magnitude better granularity than most other vendors can. You can move viewers that are starting to get a degraded quality experience to another CDN during an ongoing session and the viewer doesn’t have to re-start the player to maintain the best QoE.

If you are looking for a service to help you reduce audience loss, make sure you monitor key stream-delivery metrics, and can take the required action immediately to fix quality problems, then StreamPilot is for you.

And the insights you get from your session data can help you create new business ideas, introduce new innovative TV services, personalize content, monetize campaign offerings and more.

Here are 10 reasons why you should look to StreamPilot to optimize your customers’ Quality of Experience (QoE):

  1. StreamPilot measures every single stream in real time, in session and per segment for instant settling and solving CDN performance problems to avoid QoE related audience loss.
  2. StreamPilot provides key delivery data such as bitrate throughput, delivering CDN, ISP and client’s geographic region to immediately determine if problems are CDN performance-, ISP network-, or client related.
  3. StreamPilot is totally client agnostic, requiring no client integration and avoiding dependency to complex and fragmented client landscapes.
  4. StreamPilot is CDN-independent, avoiding any vendor lock-in which makes it ideal for a multi-CDN environment.
  5. StreamPilot gives in-session CDN selection, offering decision and switching in a tight loop. This provides a quick and integrated way to both identify if and where there is a problem and to fix the problem in one
  6. StreamPilot is media format agnostic, supporting DASH, HLS and MSS. This makes sure all your content assets can be watched on any Android, Apple or Microsoft client with optimized QoE.
  7. StreamPilot supports both live and VOD streaming opening up the full potential of big live events such as sports or high-profile film/series releases.
  8. StreamPilot presents all data in an open API-based dashboard for an easy-to-use graphical overview of the delivery status and easy integration to other tools.
  9. StreamPilot gives key insights on session data such as bitrate requested by client. This can be compared to the bitrate available in the manifest and if the client requests a lower bitrate than it is capable of presenting, it indicates a potential quality problem. This allows early identification of potential problems and a proactive resolution before impacting viewers’ QoE.
  10. StreamPilot is offered as a SaaS model with Edgeware specialists hosting it allowing all of the benefits that comes with such a business model.

Want to learn more? Read the Solution Brief to find out how StreamPilot can help you get the best out of your multi CDN investment.


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