Edgeware’s Johan Bolin talks to Broadcast SPORT about the benefits of OTT for sports rights owners and holders

Broadcast Sport

Broadcast SPORT, the new publication from the UK’s Broadcast Magazine, features an article by Edgeware’s chief product and technology officer Johan Bolin in which he explains why taking video beyond broadcast is the best route for sports federations, leagues and teams to engage with fans.

Johan argues that with a global audience out there looking for quality video content, it’s time for rights owners and holders to look at opportunities away from traditional broadcasters. Taking content ‘over-the-top’ cuts out the middle man. And because it’s online, it can deliver an experience ‘beyond broadcast’. New advanced formats like 4K, HDR and AR are easier to deliver; fans can take a peek behind the curtain with exclusive content; and content owners can protect their valuable content from digital piracy with forensic watermarking.

Read the full Broadcast SPORT article here. Or find out how we can help you deliver glitch-free live OTT events.



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