Why national broadcasters have the potential to outperform Netflix

Edgeware’s CTO talks OTT personalization with Broadcast Tech Magazine.


Broadcasters are learning from VOD providers to better engage with viewers with content suggestions based on viewing data. Netflix and Amazon has a huge advantage over broadcasters whose online service is not their primary product or output: their own delivery network. “This means they can analyse everything that’s delivered to each user,” says Göran Appelquist, CTO of Edgeware.

For broadcasters it makes sense to build their own content delivery network when an average 250,000 viewers watch content on their service for an hour a day. The BBC iPlayer has around 8 millions daily viewers, of which nearly 4 million watch an hour a day. “The BBC has the amount of requests for content that would justify building its own network,” says Appelquist. “It will have complete access to the analytics of its users, letting it compete with the likes of Netflix.”

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