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Digital Watermarking Solutions – Frost and Sullivan

Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan explains how new content protection mechanisms can deter and detect TV content piracy, outlining alternative approaches to watermarking TV content distributed over the internet.

Frost & Sullivan has put together an essential list of questions for every content owner or
distributor. If you answer “yes” to more than two of these, it is critical for you to consider a robust content protection solution such as watermarking.

Producers & Rights Owners

  • Do you produce high resolution content in HD, 4K/UHD, and HDR?
  • Is your content distributed online?
  • Is the audience for your content distributed across geographies where
    piracy rates are high?
  • Do you usually find your content stolen post-decryption?

Content Distributors

  • Do you offer live streaming of sports or events?
  • Do you operate in regions where consumers have a lot of free options
    to choose from?
  • Do you offer TV Everywhere /OTT services as part of your portfolio?
  • Do you offer content that has a huge demand among viewers?

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