Low latency TV – faster than the speed of a tweet

What TV latency is acceptable to avoid social media spoilers?

With many high-value live TV events now being watched online, the additional delays introduced by an IP delivery system can have a significant impact on the viewing experience, particularly for live sports. If latency is too high, compared to satellite, terrestrial or cable delivery, then viewers are exposed to social media posts, texts and on-line commentaries that can contain spoilers for their game. Learning of a goal scored in the soccer match before you’ve seen the free-kick awarded is no way to experience content which is often acquired at huge expense by the broadcaster.

So, one factor that is critical to avoiding spoilers is the time taken for someone to create, send and react via a social media post. If that time is less than the delivery delay of a CDN for live TV, then we have a problem. Or, to put it another way: ‘what’s the speed of a tweet?’

In this Whitepaper you will learn more about:

  • What are the causes of delays in the TV delivery system?
  • How can we eliminate these delays?
  • What is ‘the speed of a tweet’?

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