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Cavena OCR Subtitling

TV subtitles are often delivered as images, or bitmaps, which works well for conventional set-top boxes. However, OTT streaming formats like HLS, Smooth streaming and MPEG-DASH do not support bitmap subtitles in a good way.

With Cavena OCR Subtitling from Edgeware, you can quickly and easily prepare high quality subtitles for glitch-free OTT delivery – to any client, in any screen size and for any language, including Asian character sets.

The OCR subtitle solution from Cavena uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically – and instantly – transcode DVB bitmap subtitles to text-based subtitle formats (DVB Teletext or Cavena P31). This enables subtitles to be prepared for any ABR format (HLS, MPEG-DASH, MSS) needed for multiscreen OTT delivery.

Cavena OCR Subtitling can be deployed in public or private clouds, in data centers or on COTS hardware. The product is also available as part of the Edgeware Cloud Service, integrated with the tools to repackage and deliver the OTT streams in any format.

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