Edgeware´s Video Delivery Network Overview

  • Overlay video delivery network – no ‘rip and replace’ of existing infrastructure
  • ‘Pay as you grow’ technology reduces initial CAPEX
  • Sophisticated asset propagation and integrated management system simplifies implementation of QoE, retail and wholesale video delivery network services
  • Ultra low power consumption and no additional cooling requirement means deployable anywhere across the network
  • Integrated wholesale CDN capabilities provide additional monetisation opportunities
  • Reduced network and video delivery OPEX + additional wholesale revenue opportunities means dramatically faster ROI
  • The Distributed Video Delivery Network

    The Edgeware Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) is a unified solution for video delivery that provides a simple and highly scalable platform to deliver next generation video services with the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) to any screen, independent of the underlying network infrastructure. It also creates the opportunity to generate new revenue from existing network infrastructures. The D-VDN solution is made up of two main components, closely integrated to form a coherent and integrated architecture: the Orbit Hardware and the Convoy Management Software.

    The Convoy Management Software

    The distributed asset propagation, delivery and management system at the heart of the Edgeware D-VDN. Provides the interconnection system between the individual distributed servers that enable them to become a complete video delivery system »

    The Orbit hardware platform

    The Orbit 3020 delivery servers offer advanced capabilities for both retail and wholesale video and TV services across an operator´s network, irrespective of topology and core network bandwidth. The Orbit hardware is designed to build highly distributed delivery architectures with a small 1U half rack form factor and minimal power consumption, reducing the costs of power and cooling per stream by up to 90%. »

    IPTV Specific Products

    Origin Management System
    The Origin software provides management, monitoring and configuration functionality for IPTV and cable networks using UDP streaming »

    Live TV Ingest Server
    A complement to the Edgeware IPTV delivery servers, enabling live TV recording onto standard disk storage systems when there is a need to extend storage of the Edgeware delivery servers, e.g. for extended time shift windows or NPVR applications. »