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How to: Watermark videos & TV from the CDN

Ad Enabler – the Movie

Request Routing for TV CDN: HTTP vs DNS

Edgeware’s Product Portfolio – the Movie

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How to: New level of insight with video analytics

How to: Amazing TV viewing experience

How to: Scale your TV delivery

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Case Studies

OTT TV provider myTV SUPER – Case Study

OTT TV service provider myTV SUPER delivers Glitch-Free Live and Time-shift TV with personalized ads, 50 fps in HD and 4K. Learn how they grew from 0 to 5M viewers in 2 years!

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myTV SUPER: 拥有超过500万香港观众用户的OTT电视服务

myTV SUPER是由电视广播有限公司(TVB)提供的OTT电视服务,TVB是全球最大的商业节目制作人之一,为700多万香港观众提供新闻和电视娱乐节目。该服务在2年内成功吸引了500多万香港用户。

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Solution Briefs

Virtual Channel Creation

Increase the value of your TV content, especially your Live programming, and offer a lean-back OTT viewing experience and with Virtual Channel Creation.

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Glitch-free OTT TV origin

Glitch-free OTT viewing starts with an origin that segments content with frame-accurate precision, repackages it into any format and scales in any dimension!

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Request Routing for TV CDNs: HTTP or DNS-based?

A TV CDN needs to understand which server is best used to deliver different content to users or client devices. So is it http or DNS-based request routing?

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TV Subtitles – Cavena – Edgeware

Deliver subtitles with high quality to multiple device types and screen sizes. Automated conversion of bitmap to text, with support for any language, including Asian character sets.

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Dell EMC Isilon – Edgeware

Edgeware and Dell EMC Isilon: Delivering a quality viewing experience at scale. With low-latency, guaranteed resources and no buffering,

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Live Streaming – Deliver big OTT events glitch-free

Live streaming of large OTT events – glitch-free. Manage the critical onboarding phase, and ensure a high quality, low latency viewer experience.

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Live streaming (In Chinese). 提供免费的无缝直播大型业务场景

无卡顿无缝实时流式传输大型OTT事件活动 – 无故障。管理直播推流关键点,确保高质量,低延迟的观众体验。

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Cloud DVR – TV Content Capture

Cloud DVR from linear TV: With TV Content Capture, you can record the live TV content in the network instead of on a physical device in every home.

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TV Data Analytics

With Edgeware TV data analytics, you can monitor, analyze and understand all aspects of your TV CDN service – from delivery quality to viewer behavior.

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Multitenant CDN

When does it make sense to offer a TV CDN service? What is wrong with existing CDNs? And when is the right time to make the change?

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Watermarking from the CDN – ContentArmor – Edgeware

Find out: Why your watermark software needs to work with your CDN? And discover the main approaches to watermarking via a CDN.

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Why Edgeware?

Find out how we can help you build your own origin and TV CDN, to deliver an amazing viewing experience, scale cost-effectively and gain insight.

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TV CDN (In Chinese) 中文

借助于Edgeware,您提供的OTT TV(互联网电视)服务会让观众具有优质的观看体验,有效节约大量成本,并且可以管理目标观众的观看体验。

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Solution Guides

OTT content delivery for broadcasters

OTT Content delivery for broadcasters – leverage new technologies to deliver TV direct to viewers and open additional channels serving OTT revenue lines.

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Build Your Own CDN for TV

Build your own CDN for TV – take control and deliver an amazing TV experience, without glitches, buffering or delays. Get our free solution guide here.

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Pirate TV streaming research

Pirate TV streaming may cost the industry more than 60 billion USD per year by 2022 – Watermarking could save billions of dollars a year.

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Low latency TV – faster than the speed of a tweet

Low latency TV – What live TV delay is acceptable to avoid social media spoilers? Or, to put it another way: ‘what’s the speed of a tweet?’

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Overcoming the challenges of HTTP ABR Streaming

Live Streaming CDN: Overcoming the challenges of HTTP ABR Streaming – how to manage the bandwidth explosion and minimize latency.

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HTTP video vs IPTV – Ensuring Video Quality over IP

Http video vs IPTV: ensure delivery quality and reducing latency and packet loss in an IP video delivery system

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Evolving to a Software Defined TV CDN

Software CDN: How does virtualization, cloud, NFV and software impact your online TV delivery and what is the evolution path to a Software Defined TV CDN?

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Business case: Building your own TV CDN

A self-built TV CDN can help you deliver TV services at higher quality and lower CDN costs, and with greater insight into your viewers’ behavior.

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Analyst Whitepapers

Digital Watermarking Solutions – Frost and Sullivan

Digital watermarking solutions – a content owner’s shield from piracy. Get the FREE Frost and Sullivan Whitepaper (2017).

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Building a Private CDN for video delivery – Frost and Sullivan

Why, when and how should you build your own private CDN for TV and video delivery? Find out in this FREE Frost and Sullivan White Paper.

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Delivering OTT TV into the Mainstream: online TV beyond broadcast – Ovum

How to take online TV beyond the traditional TV experience: opportunities and challenges for broadcasters and operators. A FREE Ovum white paper.

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Data Sheets - Products

Cavena Website

Link to the Cavena Website and product information

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Ad stitching – personalized IPTV ads

Enable personalized ads to your IPTV viewers. Edgeware’s unique server side solution seamlessly inserts ads with the highest performance.

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Ad enabler – personalized OTT ads

Dynamic ad insertion for a glitch-free live OTT TV experience. Edgeware’s Ad Enabler provides personalized ads in DASH and HLS with frame-accurate segmentation.

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TV Director – Request router

Edgeware’s TV Director makes sure your TV content is streamed from the most optimal video server to maximize performance and control.

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Multitenancy – Monetize your TV CDN

Multitenancy enables you to resell your CDN capacity to multiple tenants such as content providers, aggregators, broadcasters and OTT service providers.

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Fast Channel Change and UDP Retransmission

Fast channel change brings zap time down to less than a second and Live UDP Retransmission eliminates packet loss by resending corrupted packets

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TV Delivery Software – OTT & IPTV CDN

Build you own OTT TV and IPTV CDN with optimized streaming and content caching – provided in the edge for the best possible viewing experience

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TV Content Capture – Ingest and segmentation

Content capture ingests and processes your content for glitch-free viewing and unlocks the value of your live content by converting it to VOD assets.

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TV Repackager

MPEG DASH, MSS, HLS Streaming: Repackage and encrypt your Live TV and VOD assets on-the-fly, to stream direct to clients or over a CDN.

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CDN Selector

With Edgeware’s CDN Selector, you can route your customers’ TV requests to a third party CDN to satisfy peak demand or to reach outside your core territories.

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TV Servers 4000 series – TV Delivery Platforms

Edgeware’s servers are purpose-built for TV delivery. They are designed to efficiently combine different TV services and protocols on a single appliance.

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TV Servers (In Chinese). 电视服务器4000系列 – 电视传送平台


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Data Sheets - Services

CDN Support & Maintenance Service

24/7 CDN support & maintenance service gives you the best help and assistance should an issue with your Edgeware TV CDN software or hardware arise.

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CDN Management Training Services

CDN management and operation training – Edgeware offers a variety of courses, from a high level overview to advanced training in Edgeware’s TV CDN system.

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CDN Deployment Service

CDN deployment made easy – let Edgeware’s experts design and implement your own CDN system as a turnkey project to minize roll-out time and time to revenue.

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CDN Systems Customization Service

CDN systems from Edgeware can be tailor-made for your TV service and business needs. We can develop new features especially for you, and integrate with your existing system.

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Online Monitoring Service

Monitor your live TV CDN online to avoid potential issues that could affect the end user’s viewing quality for live sports events or high profile TV episode

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Network Audit Service

The Network Audit Service enables you stay on top of your Edgeware TV CDN performance and quality to deliver your OTT TV and IPTV content.

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