burn-in subtitles

Burn-in subtitles

Burn-in or in-vision refers to subtitles that are keyed on to the video prior to or during the transmission, and that cannot be removed by the viewer.

Burn-in is a popular name for subtitles keyed onto video, meaning that the subtitles are stored on the video, like in the old days on the celluloid film or today on a video server. Today’s in-vision means that the subtitles are keyed onto the video “last minute” before distribution. For the end user burn-in and in-vision looks the same, it’s a subtitle that is there and can not be taken away.

Edgeware has solutions to handle all cases with burn-in or in-vision

Among others the Cavena Cimpress is a unit including time code reader, graphics insertion and software. The Cimpress connects to the Cavena Subtitle Transmission Unit (STU). The Cimpress in downstream key mode is installed between an SDI video source and an SDI recorder such as VTRs or servers. The output of the source is connected to the time code reader for VITC and another feed to the graphics board.

In off-line mode the Cavena Burn-in program makes it possible to insert subtitles directly into a video file in browse quality. The output of the procedure is a WMV file with subtitles in the picture.

VBI insertion

In many countries the subtitles are off-line recorded to the video material in VBI form, teletext or Line 21 data. When the program is transmitted, this data is transmitted along with it and decoded and displayed in the receivers. In some cases this is also used as a source of data which is transcoded during play-out into other subtitle formats.



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