edgeware’s business continuity plan during the coronavirus outbreak

Edgeware’s business continuity plan during the coronavirus outbreak

Edgeware is committed to ensure 100% business continuity and to comply with all contractual commitments of our products despite the corona virus outbreak.

Our business continuity plan includes a recommendation to our staff to work from home, to closely follow our no-travel policy and obey general hygiene guidelines provided in official guidelines.

Important to notice is that we continue to work following a Business as Usual principle and are committed to ensure that our service and support as well as product development projects are not impacted by the virus outbreak.

Please be informed below about some measures we’re now undertaking to minimize the business impact of the coronavirus:

  1. All employees including service and support staff worldwide is recommended to work from home
  2. All planned visits, demos, meetings are moved to virtual alternatives. However, customer site-visits will be carried out if required
  3. All business travel is restricted and is subject to CEO approval
  4. We will closely monitor the business status of our company and give updated guidelines to all personnel once a week to provide best possible prerequisite for a no-impact scenario
  5. Edgeware’s corona policy is published on our intranet and communicated to all employees in mail and meetings

































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