Help us make amazing TV again with your most memorable moments

Amazing TV Moments

What do we love about TV?

It’s that moment where everyone is brought together to share in a single moment. It’s the same whether it’s the most comedic moments on the box, or the most dramatic. Fictional or factual – the world’s most important moments are memorialized by television.

Do you remember when Del Boy fell through the bar on Only Fool and Horses? How about when Ross told Rachel they were on a break in Friends?

Everyone remembers where they were when OJ Simpson’s Bronco was chased across Los Angeles, when Charles and Diana were wed or when Neil Armstrong made one giant leap for mankind.

And it’s these moments, the flashbulb memories that we create, that make TV amazing.

As the technology behind TV broadcasts has evolved it’s now delivered in different ways. While we now watch the box on a variety of platforms – tablets, smartphones, games consoles, you name it – we all want the same thing.

It’s all about creating those amazing TV moments and joining together socially.

So as the UK’s BBC approaches 80 years of broadcasting, we want you to tweet us @EdgewareTV using the hashtag #AmazingTV with your most memorable TV moment and what made it so special. We’ll be doing the same so look out for the funniest, most dramatic or most poignant TV moments from the last 80 years of television!


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