Edgeware adds automated QoE optimization to its multi-CDN control platform StreamPilot

Automated QoE optimization - new StreamPilot feature

Broadcasters and content providers will benefit from unified view and automated problem mitigation to optimize QoE when delivering content in multi-CDN environments

Stockholm, Sweden – March 24, 2020Edgeware has today announced the addition of its automated optimization capability to its multi-CDN control platform StreamPilot. Referred to as AutoPilot, the feature gives broadcasters and content providers the option to automatically perform actions triggered by StreamPilot’s real-time session data when using a multi-CDN set-up.

StreamPilot, which was launched at IBC in September 2019, has raised significant customer interest and rendered several trial projects. Insights from these customer discussions are now channelized into the new AutoPilot capabilities.

The AutoPilot feature identifies and automatically presents a unified view of problems that could affect users’ quality of experience, independent of which CDN is delivering the TV service to the viewer. The issues presented can be related to the device, delivery CDN, ISP or the content itself. The data is processed, grouped and presented with a classification on severity level.

By giving users the unique capability to automatically – or manually – mitigate the problems through actions such as selecting another CDN for the delivery, StreamPilot meets a growing demand from broadcasters and content providers to automatically optimize delivery, rather than presenting the data for them to then analyse and act upon.

Not only does the AutoPilot feature enable users to react quickly and resolve potential problems, it also identifies problems they cannot resolve, such as ISP-related or other infrastructure-impacting circumstances. This reduces operational costs and allows users to focus on other tasks. Valuable session data around CDN performance and overall QoE provides key insights to help content providers monetize their services, such as creating innovative service offerings and performing A/B testing.

Kalle Henriksson, founder, and product manager for StreamPilot, at Edgeware said: “Automation has grown to become a highly desired component within content delivery workflows as more media companies seek new ways to accelerate processes and gain actionable insight into their TV delivery. This has been a key insight from the last six months of customer discussions and has significantly shaped our recent development work. The AutoPilot feature addresses our customers’ need to be informed about performance issues in real time, as well as foresee the trends that can cause them, so they can put prevention methods in place earlier on. With AutoPilot filtering this information and presenting it in a condensed and collective way, users can better optimize their service – narrowing the often-large gap between problem diagnosis and problem solving.”

Edgeware’s StreamPilot is offered as a SaaS solution and is independent of delivering CDN, client, media format – whether that’s live or VoD, DASH or HLS – and any other component in the media delivery chain. Solutions today typically depend on the delivering CDN, only support a subset of media formats and require client integration. StreamPilot, however, avoids all these limitations. Located server side between the client and the delivering CDN, StreamPilot monitors every single client session to provide real-time session statistics, detect trends and alleviate potential problems by switching to another CDN.

StreamPilot can be experienced virtually by booking a virtual demo here.


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