Edgeware Announces New TV CDN Architecture to Deliver High-Quality TV over IP Networks

The unique, purpose-built architecture allows operators and content owners to deliver any mix of TV services at unprecedented scale, without buffering, delays or glitches

STOCKHOLM – April 14, 2016 – (NAB Show, Booth #SU9012CM) – Edgeware today announces its new TV CDN architecture, purpose-built to overcome the challenges of delivering TV content and services over traditional CDNs. The unique and scalable three-layer architecture is the only approach that can lower costs, give content owners control over their service delivery, and deliver TV with no delays, buffering or glitches.

“The key to delivering TV over IP networks is to optimize each part of the TV delivery system in the most appropriate way – combining the scale of centralized cloud infrastructure with distributed hardware-accelerated technologies that can provide highly personalized TV streams,” said Göran Appelquist, chief technology officer at Edgeware. “This architecture is the only viable way for TV providers to deliver high-quality TV at scale – without the high costs.”

Edgeware’s TV CDN architecture enables network operators, cable companies, broadcasters and OTT providers to scale their TV delivery to huge volumes of viewers, deliver any mix of services, gain insight into their viewers’ behavior and ensure an outstanding TV experience. Edgeware’s TV CDN architecture provides:

  • Content Control: creates a library of TV content with ingest, live-to-VOD and Cloud DVR functions running on Edgeware’s cloud infrastructure
  • Network Services: connects viewers to content through request routing and load balancing, leveraging Edgeware’s software-defined network services
  • Content Delivery: delivers a personalized TV stream to each viewer using hardware-accelerated servers that provide content caching, repackaging, pause-live TV, ad-insertion, watermarking and encryption. The architecture also supports a software-based delivery server if preferred

“It’s essential for providers to keep pace with the growing demand for personalized content,” said Tom Simpson, chief technology officer for Cincinnati Bell. “The power of Edgeware’s TV architecture allows us to deliver a scalable full-service solution that meets the individual needs of our video subscribers.”

As part of its TV CDN architecture, today Edgeware also announced its new software products set to manage the central video assets used to create the final viewing stream, such as the creation of VOD content from live TV and ad management. For an initial TV CDN deployment or for low take-up services, these software products are all that is needed to deliver TV streams directly to viewers. The architecture can then be expanded into a full TV CDN to grow to massive scale as needed. This software set will be generally available later this year.

Read more about Edgeware’s TV CDN.


About Edgeware

Edgeware provides operators and content owners with the tools to deliver their TV services at huge scale and low cost. Edgeware’s unique technology gives control and insight back to the content provider and delivers TV with an outstanding viewing experience. Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices worldwide.

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