Edgeware deploys new cloud-based elastic CDN solution in large-scale commercial trial

The solution, which includes innovative cache autoscaling technology, gives CDN owners the ability to automatically and seamlessly scale their cloud-based CDN resources

Stockholm, Sweden – May 26, 2020Edgeware today announces that it is deploying its brand-new cloud-based elastic CDN solution in a customer’s large-scale commercial trial that will deliver ABR content to thousands of OTT service subscribers.

The solution’s innovative functionalities will enable CDN owners such as telecom or cable TV operators to quickly spin up and down streaming resources when needed. This elasticity – referred to as cache autoscaling – welcomes significant economic advantages by automatically propagating content to new cache instances in the cloud and allowing dynamic resource allocation. The solution, which is cloud agnostic, enables deployment in any public, private or hybrid cloud execution environment. Using a Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) approach, the solution empowers users to quickly expand into new territories, all while avoiding overspending and delivering the best possible streaming quality.

“Challenges when streaming content via cloud-based CDNs, as opposed to non-virtualized CDNs, include the capabilities to quickly ‘warm up’ new cache instances and drain a cache instance when the service is stopped,” said Johan Bolin, chief product and technology officer at Edgeware. “Edgeware’s new cloud-based elastic CDN technology uniquely populates new caches instantaneously in the cloud, something we believe very few others are capable of doing. This new capability, which is based on customer interest, combines the advanced content propagation functionality of our CDN solutions with a modular software design, creating a solution that is ideal in a cloud-based environment.”

The new cloud-based elastic CDN technology is composed of a software-defined cache control and management function, and a TV delivery mechanism. Together, they help CDN owners better cope with dynamic spikes in video consumption, such as during big live events or releases of high-profile content.

The combination of Edgeware’s new cloud-based CDN solution and its StreamPilot multi-CDN control platform offers a unique possibility to manage and offload peak traffic, both within a customer’s own CDN and in a multi-CDN environment.



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Edgeware supplies operators and content providers with systems to deliver modern TV services over the Internet at a huge scale. Edgeware’s unique technology provides an outstanding viewing experience that allows its customers to retain control of their content. Edgeware has more than 200 customers and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with staff across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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