Edgeware Expands Its TV CDN Architecture With A New Virtualized TV Server

New software-based TV servers give operators and content owners more flexibility to build their own TV CDN

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – September 5, 2016 – Edgeware, the pioneer in TV CDN technology, has today announced a new software-based server solution that allows its customers to build their TV delivery infrastructure using standard IT hardware and cloud computing tools. A complement to Edgeware’s existing purpose-built TV Servers, the Virtualized TV Server can be used to create the delivery layer of a dedicated TV CDN architecture.

Both of Edgeware’s server solutions deliver streaming, caching, time-shifting and repackaging of content owners’ TV services. They can be used together in a flexible mix-and-match configuration which can be controlled and managed by the same software layer.

“Our customers understand that the key to cost-effective TV service delivery is the ability to scale in the easiest way,” explains Joachim Roos, chief executive officer at Edgeware. “Our pre-integrated TV server is designed to be deployed inside the network infrastructure, which brings plug-and-play operational simplicity to remote locations. Now, with the introduction of the software-based version, content owners have even more options to deploy and grow their TV services within their own data centers.”

The Virtualized TV Server has been designed for use by organizations looking to deliver TV services with no delays, no buffering and no glitches – even when demand is peaked by amazing TV moments. It gives them the flexibility to deliver the best functionality possible on standard IT hardware located in data centers or within cloud infrastructures.

“Implementing a software-based version of our TV Server gives users a new level of flexibility as they build their own TV delivery capabilities,” adds Roos. “It means they can build a hugely scalable distributed TV CDN architecture, either purely within a data center or using cloud-based deployments to deliver peaks in demand. Users can choose how much capacity to deliver on standard hardware and how much on Edgeware’s plug-and-play servers.”

The announcement of the software-based solution comes as Edgeware reports that its pre-integrated TV servers have now clocked-up over 2,000 operating years of TV delivery for customers. The systems have been purpose-designed to be deployed in remote locations and have performed with an average failure rate of less than one incident for every ten years of operation.

Edgeware’s TV CDN architecture was announced at the 2016 NAB Show and was developed to overcome the challenges of delivering TV content over traditional CDNs that are not optimized for video. It lowers costs, gives content owners control over their service delivery and delivers TV with no delays, buffering or glitches. Edgeware’s solution lets network operators, cable companies, broadcasters and OTT providers scale their TV delivery to huge volumes of viewers, deliver any mix of TV services, gain insight into their viewers’ behavior and deliver an amazing TV experience.

You can read more about Edgeware’s TV CDN here. Edgeware is exhibiting at IBC2016 on stand 14.C36 in the RAI Amsterdam.


About Edgeware

Edgeware provides operators and content owners with the tools to deliver their TV services at huge scale and low cost. Edgeware’s unique technology gives control and insight back to the content provider and delivers TV with an outstanding viewing experience. Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices worldwide.


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