Edgeware nominated for five Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice awards

Continuing what’s become something of a tradition, Edgeware has been nominated for five Streaming Media’s 2017 European Readers’ Choice Awards for the sixth year in a row. With no panel of judges, the winners are decided by you.

So we need your help. Head to Streaming Media’s voting site to help Edgeware pick up one of these awards from the following categories.


Best Analytics Service – Edgeware’s Analytics Platform

Delivery Network– Edgeware’s TV CDN

Server Hardware/Software – Edgeware TV server

Streaming Services Provider – Edgeware

Video Advert Platform – Edgeware’s Ad Insertion platform


Last year’s Readers’ Choice Awards saw more than 12,000 votes cast.

The nominations come after Edgware was named the winner of Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice award for Best Analytics Service in last year’s awards.

Voting closes August 1, 2017. The top three nominees for each category will be announced on August 15, 2017.


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