Edgeware nominated for Streaming Media Europe awards for the seventh year in a row

Following on from last year’s win in the Server Hardware/Software category, Edgeware has once again been shortlisted for the Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards.

Going one better than our 2017 campaign, Edgeware has secured six nominations in this year’s awards program. As always, the winners are decided by the end users who have their say on the online video products and services they find the most valuable.

With that in mind please head to Streaming Media’s voting platform to vote for Edgeware’s products in the following categories.

  • Edgeware’s analytics platform for Best Analytics Service
  • Edgeware’s forensic watermarking for Best Streaming Innovation
  • Edgeware’s TV CDN for Best Delivery Network
  • Edgeware’s TV server for Best Server Hardware/Software
  • Edgeware for Best Streaming Services Provider
  • Edgeware’s ad enabler Video Advert Platform

To vote head here. Voting closes August 3, 2018.


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