Edgeware Simplifies Multiscreen Headends at ANGA COM

Company adds major new feature to replace complex and expensive load balancers in multiscreen headends

COLOGNE, Germany, ANGA COM – June 4, 2013 – Edgeware, the technology leader in distributed video delivery, today announced the Origin Selector option for its Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) Solution. The Origin Selector provides highly scalable load balancing and redundancy across multiple video origin servers, located in either the service provider’s own headend or in an external content provider’s network.

The Origin Selector option in the Edgeware D-VDN Solution enables intelligent distribution of content collection requests over multiple origin servers without the need for expensive load balancers. Origin servers can be grouped into ‘virtual clusters’ and can be co-located or geographically distributed. All cache-miss requests from the D-VDN are spread across these virtual clusters to provide scale and redundancy. Therefore, if an origin server becomes unavailable, collection requests are instantly re-routed to an alternative node within the virtual cluster without interruption of the service. Fallback is instantaneous when the failed node is re-instated.

Most multiscreen TV and video services today make use of adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming to achieve uninterrupted viewing over wireless connections or unmanaged networks. In this environment, content is first transcoded, packaged and encrypted before publication to origin servers. Then, the Video Delivery Network (VDN) typically collects content from these origin servers for delivery to consumers. However, as traffic levels grow, origin servers can quickly become a bottleneck, especially for live channels where they are required to simultaneously receive and deliver multiple contiguous streams. In order to solve this problem, expensive load balancers need to be deployed to distribute traffic over clusters of multiple origin servers and ensure redundancy in the event of a node failure.

If a layer of caching servers have already been deployed in the headend to accelerate on-demand requests from the origin servers, the Origin Selector can be used in conjunction with Edgeware’s content-aware clustering to distribute on-demand cache-miss requests according to content. With this combination, the storage in each headend cache is effectively combined. This dramatically increases its effectiveness and provides further origin offload, especially for large video on demand (VOD) back catalogues or catch-up TV archives.

“We have seen multiple cases where origin scaling becomes the bottleneck in premium multiscreen services, creating chaos in an operators’ network,” said Jon Haley, VP product marketing and business development at Edgeware. “By incorporating the origin load balancing into the Video Delivery Network, Edgeware can help service and content providers overcome this in an extremely affordable manner.”

Meet Edgeware at ANGA COM in Cologne, Germany, June 4-6, 2013. In addition, listen to Edgeware’s panel presentation at ANGA COM 2013 on “International Experiences: Multiscreen Technologies,” Thursday, June 6 from 2-3 pm (CET) in room B. Göran Appelquist, CTO at Edgeware, will discuss the Benefits and Implementation of a converged Infrastructure for IPTV, Multiscreen and CDN.


About Edgeware
Edgeware is the technology leader in distributed video delivery networks, designed to allow operators to monetize video services such as video on demand (VOD), time shift TV and network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR), as well as offering wholesale Content Delivery Networking (CDN) management services. Edgeware provides the video delivery systems needed to offer video services across managed and unmanaged networks, with the ability to reach any screen, at any time, with any content. Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a U.S. office in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

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