How to leverage video content delivery data for quick wins

I live in a quarterly world. I am obsessed with quick wins, at work, home or on the plane. Whenever I have a moment of silence, I satisfy my hunger for quick wins by filling it with sounds and images. At work, I love finding solutions for quick wins to impress myself (or my boss).

When one of my colleagues showed me Edgeware 360° analytics, the first thing that came to mind was a quick win. With so much content, people and devices in the online video business, do you ever wonder who’s watching what? Why some content performs better than others and in which context? Why do some customers stay and some switch to competing brands?

Many of our clients, who are service providers and content companies, have ambitions to ultimately deliver a personalised and richer viewing experience. They take the first step by selecting IP video delivery because it enables them to answer the above questions through visibility of data – on distribution, content, engagement, and the context in which the content is presented such as devices, platforms, locations, etc.

With new technologies, getting the data is not the challenge. The challenge is how you leverage the data to achieve your goals, starting by how to make better decisions by using real-time and historical data. Make market-driven decisions that directly impact customer experience. A quick win that can lead to more collective quick wins in the long run.

With the right tool, here are some examples of how you can leverage data for quick wins:

  • Quickly respond to customer issues: Your service or support staff should be able to identify problems in real-time by accessing session, device, asset and related information for a specific customer. For example, finding out the cause of disturbances due to a new device used by the customer enables you to give accurate response and take proper measures. This gives you the tools to provide better customer service and reduce churn.
  • Instant information on content performance: Your content strategy staff should be able to pull out real-time performance data (as well as historical data) on viewer engagement to quickly maximise payback for a specific content. For example, you may want to move a new underperforming reality show to another timeslot or channel.
  • Monitor and tweak distribution network: Your operations staff should be able to monitor network utilisation, identify bottlenecks, and make immediate changes to the network traffic. For example, switching service locations due to unpredicted traffic spikes ensures that you deliver the best quality of experience for end users.

As with any other new technologies, adoption is always a challenge, i.e. how do you get your team or stakeholders that you don’t manage directly, to use it? So in your search for the right analytics system, find a tool that is super intuitive, easily customisable to your needs and one that should not disrupt the way you are working.

Have a look at the Edgeware 360° analytics for those who are conscious about leveraging data for better decision-making quality. For existing Edgeware customers who are eager for a quick win, please contact us.


Ling Koay
Product Marketing Manager


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