Making TV amazing again at IBC2016 with our unique TV CDN architecture

IBC2016 comes on the back of a landmark summer for the delivery of amazing TV. Broadcasters reported record-breaking numbers of people watching content online at the Games in Rio. And some of our customers saw four times more online traffic than normal during Euro 2016 in France. As Digital Sport put it, “online streaming is not the future – it’s the present.”

But what can broadcasters and content owners do to ensure they maintain quality given such dramatic surges in content demand, especially as the industry moves to bandwidth-greedy higher definition and ultimately virtual reality TV? And how can they easily deliver multiple versions of the same content to the enormous range of devices and services now used by consumers?

Pioneering TV CDN technology

This is where Edgeware comes in. On our stand, 14.C36, at IBC2016, we’ll be showcasing our pioneering TV content delivery network (TV CDN) technology. The unique and scalable three-layer architecture, designed specifically for TV, enables the delivery of services with no buffering, no delays and no glitches.

Visitors will discover how a TV CDN, as opposed to general-purpose CDNs designed for software delivery, can allow broadcasters and network operators to benefit from low-latency and cost effective scalability. They’ll also learn how they can gain valuable insights into their viewers’ TV behavior through smart analytics. As more network capacity is needed to deliver larger formats to more people for live-to-VOD, cloud DVR and catch-up TV, the advantage will go to organizations who own or control their own delivery network, especially those optimized for TV.

We’ve already built over 100 unique TV CDNs for content owners around the world including broadcasters like TVB in Hong Kong, cable companies such as Televisa and network operators such as KPN, TeliaSonera, Cincinnati Bell and Vodafone. By adopting Edgeware’s TV CDN architecture, they’ve all been able to distribute much of their content nearer to the viewers, saving on network and third-party CDN costs.

New Virtualized TV server

At IBC2016 we’re also launching our new software-based server solution. This allows our customers to build their TV delivery infrastructure using standard IT hardware and cloud computing tools. A complement to our existing purpose-built TV servers, the Virtualized TV Server can be used to create the delivery layer of a dedicated TV CDN architecture.

This launch means that now both of our server solutions deliver streaming, caching, time-shifting and repackaging of content owners’ TV services. They can be used together in a flexible mix-and-match configuration which can be controlled and managed by the same software layer.

Proven performance

The announcement of the software-based solution comes as our pre-integrated TV servers have now clocked-up over 2,000 operating years of TV delivery for customers. The systems have been purpose-designed to be deployed in remote locations and have performed with an average failure rate of less than one incident for every ten years of operation.

Our business is successfully delivering TV content over IP networks at huge scale with an outstanding viewing experience. If you’re looking to make TV amazing again then you need to see our proven hardware and software systems for yourself on stand 14.C36 at IBC2016. Get in touch to arrange a meeting with our sales team by emailing [email protected] or calling us on +46 851 060 259.

See you in Amsterdam!


Joachim Roos


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