OTT TV delivery – to build, or not to build: answering the question

self-built TV CDN vs CDN service

Edgeware has long been a champion of self-built or private CDNs and the benefits that building your own content delivery network can offer to content owners and distributors. But while we want to sell our technology, we’re aware that this option is not right for everyone.

A new whitepaper, commissioned by Edgeware and published by leading market research and consulting company Frost & Sullivan, outlines when you should build and when you should buy. In the paper, titled ‘Building your own CDN for video delivery: why, when, and how’, Frost & Sullivan argues that the transition from linear TV to on-demand consumption on devices, coupled with the increase in resolution to 4K and growth in VR, means that traffic will relentlessly increase over time.

As a result, so will the costs of renting capacity within a commercial CDN.

Compared to the pay-as-you-go option, the unique architecture of a private CDN becomes both operationally and cost-effectively beneficial if there are 100,000 or more subscribers located within a single geographical area. If these conditions are met, a private CDN should be seriously considered by any television broadcaster, Pay TV operator and OTT video distributor that wants to create amazing TV viewing experiences.

To help content distributors decide if they should build their own CDN, the paper outlines a six-point checklist. It assesses things like scale, reach and quality, and if yes is answered to more than two of the six questions, then a private CDN could be the better option.

Take a look at the report and the questionnaire on the Edgeware website to find out if building a private CDN is right for you. To find out more about the economic and practical benefits of operating your own TV CDN, get in touch with the Edgeware sales team.



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