What is the relationship between quality of experience and growth?

In Kuala Lumpur, the city where I grew up, I recall watching my grandmother buy fresh eggs once a week from a farmer who drove his worn-out truck to the front of our house. He would stop the truck and hop down from the driver’s seat when he saw us walking towards the gate. As he walked towards the back of his truck to present the wonderful stack of fresh eggs, he would remove his hat and greet my grandmother with a big smile. He would ask about the previous eggs we bought, did we enjoy them, were they sufficient, and so on. They would talk for a while but not just about eggs.

My grandmother would never buy eggs from the supermarket. She enjoyed that weekly meeting and simply, I don’t think it was the eggs that mattered, it was the fact that she had a direct relationship with the farmer, the producer of the eggs our family consumed.

The direct relationship a brand has with a consumer is precious. Better experiences with the brand build loyalty. Direct connection between brand and consumer allows more proactive conversations, better understanding of needs, likes and dislikes. This is true to all brands, especially in the digital world today, where online interactions provide a new game, with new sets of rules to build a direct connection. And guess what, digital interactions make up on average at least 50% of a purchase decision across all industries.

At Edgeware, our clients know that a direct relationship with their customers is key to sustainable growth. This is especially true for content producers such as TVB.com because the ability to guarantee great quality of content as well as end user experience are the main success factors of a brand. To do that, TVB.COM paves the way by deploying technology that enables a direct relationship with their customers.

The latest Accenture Pulse of Media reported that 21% would pay for a video content service over the Internet if there is guaranteed experience in terms of quality of video and audio.

In other words, quality = great experience = customer loyalty = sustainable growth!

When you invest hundreds of millions of dollars and many hundreds of hours to produce a movie or TV series, it simply makes sense to get a grip on the content consumption behaviour, context in which it is being viewed, the highs and lows of your content, etc., so that you will be able to make an informed decision on your next investment, get to know your customers better, meet and exceed their expectations.

Just like the farmer, chatting with a 90-year-old granny, it might not sound like an attractive proposition, but from the time he spends weekly, he gets to know his customer, he understands what his eggs are used for, and most importantly, he knows she will always be there when he drives by.

Have a look at this 5-page guide we have developed especially for you as a broadcaster or content producer who wants to explore ways to take control of your most valuable asset: your content.


Ling Koay
Product Marketing Manager


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