Edgeware will take part in the Streaming Video Alliances’s webinar on scalable content delivery

Scalable content delivery from the cloud

Transitioning to the cloud for a beyond broadcast experience

The media industry is in a transition from traditional broadcast TV to online video. As this happens, cloud resources are being called on more frequently to create delivery infrastructures that produce the best quality viewing experience available and reach the widest possible audience.

The latest webinar from the Streaming Video Alliance will see our very own VP product Johan Bolin discuss the challenges associated with putting in place these cloud-based workflows.

He’ll discuss the growing importance of edge computing and the best practices for adopting cloud technologies in video delivery. He will also explain the cloud’s ability to deliver a scalable beyond broadcast experience and the opportunities that companies now have to deliver their own video content.

Transitioning Video Delivery to the Cloud: Best Practiceswill take place on November 20 at 10am PST.

Register for the webinar here or to learn more about Edgeware’s cloud native OTT solution here.


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