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Time-Shift-TV – Live to VOD

Time Shift TV, part of Edgeware’s StreamBuilder product family, unlocks the value of your live content by offering Live to VOD services such as start-over TV, catch-up TV and cloud DVR. Store your live content in the circular buffer or as a recording and capitalize your TV rights investments by offering TV services whenever and wherever your customers want.

Edgeware’s StreamBuilder products provide the ultimate capabilities for distributing live streams and VoD assets over an http delivery platform. Time-shift TV is one of the products in the StreamBuilder product
family. It stores your live content and enables multiple time-shift services.

To offer live streams as time-shift services you can choose to store the live segments in internal or external circular buffer (NAS). To offer cloud DVR services, the segments can be stored as recordings on a NAS or in cloud-based storage.


  • Capitalize your TV rights investment and offer time-shift TV services
  • Enable your customers to choose from a variety of time-shift services such as catch-up TV, startover
    and cloud DVR
  • Flexible and redundant circular buffer configurations for optimized storage utilization and glitch-free fail-over
  • Save ad markers to enable insertion of new or updated ads at a later point in time


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