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Delivering OTT TV into the Mainstream: online TV beyond broadcast – Ovum

Online delivery of and access to TV services are now mainstream activities, and those involved in TV distribution are keen to ensure quality of experience for their audiences as well as achieve operational efficiencies. In the coming years, delivery to unmanaged devices will become the most common form of online TV distribution. The market for long-form OTT video services – currently dominated by the global SVOD giants – will expand to include greater presence of local and national players. Along with these developments comes a growing need for TV providers to keep control of their services by delivering more local traffic via their own CDNs – as well as stepping up the protection of content against online piracy. This white paper, produced by Ovum on behalf of Edgeware, highlights the opportunities and challenges for traditional broadcasters and pay-TV operators in adapting to their rapidly evolving environment.

Table of Contents:

Consumer demand

Expectations of an ideal TV service
Connected video device penetration
A burgeoning connected device landscape propels streaming video uptake

Market impact

OTT SVOD/SLIN accelerates as pay-TV growth stalls
AVOD is gradually chipping away at traditional TV advertising revenues

New opportunities for video streaming service providers

Evolving TV and video business models
Pay-TV packaging
Monetizing broadcasters’ streaming services
Operator–OTT partnerships are on the rise
Content quality and brand safety enhance the appeal of broadcaster AVOD

Video delivery strategies

Operators have a big role to play in the evolving video ecosystem
The shift toward IP delivery of traditional TV
Managed and semi-managed OTT
Implications of video traffic growth

CDN strategies
Enabling delivery transformation
Ensuring a reliable QoE
Networks optimizing for video content delivery

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