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OTT TV provider myTV SUPER – Case Study

OTT TV service provider myTV SUPER delivers Glitch-Free Live and Time-shift TV with personalized ads, 50 fps in HD and 4K, as well as automatic TV subtitles. Learn how they grew from 0 to 5M viewers in 2 years, delivering 100 live channels at broadcast quality and higher!

myTV SUPER was launched to provide viewers with an innovative portfolio of online TV – anytime, anywhere on any device, and at the highest quality. myTV SUPER set out to offer a rich set of time-shift TV functionality, including catch-up, pause-live and start-over. It also offers an innovative set of new personalized advertising options. myTV SUPER has to support multiple languages with a diverse range of character sets, so it is important that the solution supports live subtitling which is able to display accurately across a wide range of screen sizes and devices. But most importantly, OTT services are delivered at high picture quality, i.e. in 4K UHD.

– Attained over five million users in less than two years
– Live channels and VOD content is in 4K, a better picture quality
– Provides an innovative range of new personalized advertising options,
with frame accurate precision
– Highly scalable system, delivering 50 linear channels

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