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Ad Enabler – Personalized OTT Ads

Enable frame-accurate dynamic ads for a glitch-free live OTT TV experience.

Ad Enabler is part of Edgeware’s StreamBuilder product family. It provides frame-accurate segmentation of live streams, enabling personalized ads for your live OTT, live to VoD and time-shift TV services – for both DASH and HLS clients. The Ad Enabler detects the SCTE-35 markers in the incoming stream and adjusts the segments’ length (chunks) to exactly fit the ad break duration without losing content frames. This makes it possible to avoid glitches between the content and the ads. Integrated with leading ad stitching and ad decision technologies, the Ad Enabler enables both client-side (CSAI) and server-side (SSAI) ad insertion.


  • Enables dynamic ad insertion in DASH and HLS formats for live OTT, live to VOD and time-shift TV
  • Frame-accurate segmentation ensures the ad break is not drifting and delivers a glitch-free experience for the viewer with a smooth transition between content and ad
  • Provides CSAI, and enables SSAI in integrated solution
  • Integrated with leading ad stitching and ad decision technology vendors
  • Enables conditional black-out and localized program replacement (in addition to dynamic ad insertion)

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