Solution Brief

Save up to 95% video encoder capacity for online regional channels

Virtual Channel Creation offers several benefits. For example, it enables you to stitch selected content into a stream in order to create virtual channels for your viewers. This allows you to create revenue streams based on new personalized content, manage conditional viewing including distribution rights using “blackout technology”, and cut costs by reducing the need for encoder and storage capacity. The latter is especially relevant when distributing national and regional channels as part of an OTT TV service, which we will concentrate on here.

Download our solution brief to find out how one of our customers significantly reduced its video encoder capacity needs while distributing national and regional channels as part of its OTT TV service by using Edgeware’s Virtual Channel Creation technology.

This solution brief will address the following areas:

  • What is Virtual Channel Creation?
  • Customer case study: Two ways to save encoder capacity for regional online channels using Virtual Channel Creation
  • How you can use this technology to save up to 95% online encoder capacity for your regional channels

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