Solution Brief

Virtual TV Channel Creation

Today’s TV viewers are presented with endless viewing options, all with different types of content. In order to find the most relevant content, viewers are expected to be proactive – and spend a significant amount of time searching for content that matches their interests. This is often referred to as “lean-forward” TV viewing. But sometimes viewers may want an easier and faster option to just sit back, be entertained and enjoy a lean-back viewing experience.

On the other side of this equation are the broadcasters. Owning a portfolio of TV content, you sit on assets that can be mixed together to create new channels, or virtual TV channels rather, delivering a constant flow of programming relevant for certain demographics or viewers with a certain interest. Especially this could be valuable for live content – typically sports or music events – as a main attraction and add related VOD and live pieces, that complements the main, live programming. What if these two camps – the viewers wanting theme-based content for lean-back viewing and the broadcasters owning the relevant content – could be brought together using a technology that made this really easy to accomplish?

Edgeware has a solution for this. It’s called Virtual Channel Creation and comes with a set of benefits for you as a broadcaster.
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