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Packaging and Protection

Packager and Protection, part of Edgeware’s StreamBuilder product family, converts your live and VoD assets to the different streaming formats required by today’s devices, such as HLS, DASH and MSS. Its rich support for each individual format’s multiple variations makes Packager and Protection essential for your ability to offer glitch-free streaming services to any device. Content can be encrypted according to its digital rights management (DRM) schemes, making sure your assets are protected throughout the distribution.

The Packager and Protection product can retrieve content from Edgeware’s Ingest and Segmentation product, or from your external VOD library. Providing a glitch-free delivery of your valuable streaming assets, the Packager and Protection supports encryption according to the assets’ DRM schemes.


  • Just-in-time video packaging into any ABR format including support for a rich set of each format’s variations giving maximum client compatibility
  • Low latency support even for older clients (MSS) and SmartTVs due to optimized system design
  • Fragmented MP4 as delivery format for HLS combined with Common Encryption cbcs support enable HLS and DASH to reuse the same segments giving up to 50% CDN storage savings
  • Easy to create customized service offerings with powerful manifest filter
  • Pre-integrated with all leading DRM systems including CPIX support
  • Support for ad- and blackout markers for dynamic content replacement
  • Support for a wide range of subtitle formats for any type of device

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