Edgeware allows 5G optimization with cloud-based elastic CDN technology

With Edgeware’s cloud-based elastic CDN and StreamPilot solutions, mobile operators can utilize the full potential of 5G and deliver QoE-optimized video streamingservices  

Stockholm, Sweden – Sept 22, 2020Edgeware today announces that its recently-launched cloud-based elastic CDN solution now allows high-quality video streaming applications over mobile access infrastructures, such as 4G and 5G. The solution’s cloud-based elasticity and Software Defined Networking (SDN) design principles empower mobile operators to fully exploit the potential of 5G. By utilizing the technology’s scalability and ability to optimize quality of experience (QoE), mobile operators can combat common issues, like network congestion, when delivering video content over wireless networks.

Launched in May this year, Edgeware’s elastic CDN solution features advanced video streaming capabilities that are associated with cloud deployments. It gives mobile operators the opportunity to easily scale sessions up and down, instantaneously adjust capacity, and automatically add or remove streaming instances and cache resources – either ad-hoc or based on pre-defined business policies.

The solution is designed to be deployed in a Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) environment as a virtualized software instance, running in a data centre with separated control and data planes. This approach simplifies configuration management and the orchestration of streaming instances, including associated caches in a 5G architecture, allowing mobile operators to adapt their architecture to topology and geography with edge and mobile edge computing (MEC) capabilities.

Using SDN design principles, Edgeware’s elastic CDN solution holds advanced routing functionalities which, when complemented with the company’s delivery control platform StreamPilot, allow mobile operators to utilize the full potential of 5G. IHS Markit’s research discovered that the deployment of 5G will cause video usage to grow to account for 70% of mobile network traffic in 2022, up from 47% in 2015.

As mobile networks become more congested, the ability to shape bitrates and manage sessions on a highly granular level enables efficient network utilization and QoE optimization. By load balancing between PoPs and on-net CDNs, and off-loading to third-party CDNs to optimize peaks, reach and redundancy, mobile operators can use Edgeware’s technology to deliver better, high-quality and more cost-efficient 5G video applications.

Johan Bolin, chief product and technology officer at Edgeware, said: “Our CDN offering, complemented with StreamPilot, creates the ideal solution for 4G and 5G video delivery. Its state-of-the-art design and intelligence located at the edges are well suited for mobile networks, enabling operators to quickly scale streaming instances up and down as necessary. The highly granular management possibilities offered are unparalleled in any access technology, but they become even more powerful in a wireless network where capacity constraints typically occur.”

Read more about how Edgeware’s CDN offering is suited for 5G video applications here.


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